The Boy from Anorexia


Written by Nick Catania

It’s a difficult subject. I'm sure we've all thought about how our bodies look, what others think, and the extent to our attractiveness.

From the shape of our nose to the tips of our toes, no one has been left untouched from the worldwide conscience of body image. Not only am I a victim with countless and continuing struggles, I have surpassed but I am prone to fall back down.

Girls play with Barbie's, boys stick to basketball, soccer, baseball, and all. Barbie has sleek legs, long flowing hair, perfect skin, accompanied by the perfect husband, Ken. Girls read magazines with makeup advertisements and models. They talk to each other, gossip about each other and share with one another. Many girls have the ideal vision of what they want to become - maybe their friends, movie stars or moms.

Most boys grow tall, their voice deepens and yet some stall. But despite how most boys grow, some boys stay small. All boys, like girls, come in all different shapes, colours and sizes. They live in different households, eat different meals and play with different toys.

But what happens to boys who play with Ken, GI-Joe or some other superhero? What about the boy who plays with Barbie? For girls, the question almost seems obvious, but the reality is that boys are conditioned by their archetypal heroes as well.

Boys should want their muscles to grow big and strong, often like their father`s - but daddy is not a plastic superhero, he is only human.

Sports are competitive, talent is competitive and living is competitive.

Just like sports and life, body image becomes a competition. We want to look a certain way, have clothes fit a certain way and be loved a certain way.

We want the mirror to scream, the fat to burn and the arms to hold. Jawlines, noses, cheekbones and all. That’s all we want.

Boys will be boys, as ignorance one said. But what happens when ignorance is the one to leave them dead?


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