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EDible News has now embarked on a fresh journey into the wonderful world of new media publishing. Under the direction of our News Director, we strive to highlight every exciting event, detail, and accomplishment of the FESA council. We work effortlessly to bring our students the most up-to-date news regarding FESA and York University's Faculty of Education.

Faculty of Education Students' Association

The Faculty of Education Students’ Association is a student council consisting of Faculty of Education students that serve as support for Faculty of Education students, as well as providing a buffer between the Faculty and their students, as well as the ‘working world.’ The council also provides services such as holding conferences, workshops, selling merchandise (including but not limited to Faculty of Ed merchandise, as well as academic resources), and coordinating outside resources and its very own news press which thrives on Faculty of Education students’ contribution.

Editorial Staff

Nick Catania

Director: Fifth Year Undergraduate, I/S: History & English

When he’s not frolicking around Toronto or trying to take over the world, you can usually find him swapping paint colors for his condo or picking out new outfits and man purses for his future Pomeranian, Efron.

Writing Staff

Ana-Maria Jerca

Avid reader, polyglot, and linguistics enthusiast, she strongly believes in the power of learning through discussion and hopes to teach her students about empathy, patience, open-mindedness, and respect through another language.

Randy Ochoa

Wait, smart, athletic and handsome?! What's not to love about Randy? As a historian, nothing fascinates him more than people.

Nadine Wyczolkowski

Nadine is in her final year of the I/S Concurrent Education Program and is completing her Major in Social Science (Social Theory) and Minor in Geography. Her interests include photography, cooking, and nature-walks.

Mizgin Yumusak

As an educator, Mizgin strives to teach each and every person she encounters in her life. She hopes to one day become that 'cool high school teacher' students will remember for the rest of their lives.