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The Tragic Thing About Minorities

In her autobiography, La détresse et L'enchantement, Gabrielle Roy writes of her identity as a Franco-Manitoban. Existing between the two separate worlds of French and English, she ultimately comes to embrace her bilingual and bicultural identities. When meeting with the director of her teaching institution, he briskly informs her: “The tragic thing about minorities is […]

Pen and Paper

Grammar and the perils of technology. Mizgin Yumusak, Staff Writer I grew up with textbooks as the basis that teachers used to teach from. My first experiences with educational technology began in high school when my teachers began to incorporate PowerPoint presentations. I was taken aback by this because I hadn't really even used computers before this. […]

The Societal Blindfold

AN Opinion piece on the current state of aboriginal affairs. Randy Ochoa, Staff Writer Most people are aware that Canada does not have a positive history with aboriginal people, often shrouded with darkness and controversy. People are aware of the residential schools, the abuse, the social ostracism and much more. What people may not be aware of […]

Indigenous Inclusivity

AN Experiential education EXPLORATION IN EDMONTON. Ana-Maria Jerca, Staff Writer Back in high school, I was fortunate enough to participate in a 5-day trip to Edmonton through the YMCA Youth Exchange Program. My high school was paired up with a public charter high school called Boyle Street Education Centre (BSEC), an institution I soon realized was […]