Indigenous Inclusivity

AN Experiential education EXPLORATION IN EDMONTON. Ana-Maria Jerca, Staff Writer Back in high school, I was fortunate enough to participate in a 5-day trip to Edmonton through the YMCA Youth Exchange Program. My high school was paired up with a public charter high school called Boyle Street Education Centre (BSEC), an institution I soon realized was […]

Classroom Controversial

ENGAGING CONTROVERSIAL LANGUAGE IN SECOND-LANGUAGE CLASSROOMS. Ana-Maria Jerca, Staff Writer In one of my second-language education classes earlier this month, the issue of translating controversial language was brought up. One teacher candidate in particular, who I will refrain from disclosing, mentioned a reflective experience from practicum. When asked by a student how to translate the word […]

Generations Lost

A cyclical  repeat of the residential school system. Brooks Harvey, Special Contributor Eight-year-old Bob (name changed to remain anonymous) came home from school, made himself a peanut-butter sandwich and sat down to watch an episode of Hercules, his favourite TV show. Hours passed. He began to wonder where his parents were and why they weren’t looking […]

New in Town

TOP TIPS TO HELP YOU EXCEL AT THE NEW SCHOOL. Alyssa Strassler, Alumni Contributor Some have said that being a teacher is easy, but it just so happens that they have never been teachers. Being a gymnast looks easy because I watched them on TV. I learned quickly when attempting to perform a simple gymnastics move […]