Welcome to Edible!

My name is Nick and I am the continuing News Director on this year’s FESA council. This is my fifth and final year which makes this publication one to remember. I plan on providing you, the education students of York University, with quality articles and features dealing with education and pedagogy in both Ontario and […]

The Internet: Bridging the Global Classroom

THE INTERNET: BRIDGING THE GLOBAL CLASSROOM EDible News: Nicholas Catania News Director, FESA 2014/2015 Students have the opportunity to access information more quickly than they ever have before. As children of the 1990s and early 2000s, computers were just beginning to enter households; thus, canonizing the era of dialup Internet. Fast forwarding to the present day, […]

The Problem with Exam Season

Tara Schell, News Director I am not writing this with a level head. My thoughts are clouded with anxiety, and have been so for roughly two weeks. Coincidentally, it was about two weeks ago that the unofficial start of the exam period began. Over the next 5 days, I will write two exams, one paper, hand in a project, […]