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Twitterlitterate: The Evolution of Language in the Online Era

EDible News: Mike Gyssels, Staff Writer Hidden within the riddling lines of James Joyce’s 1939 masterpiece, Finnegans Wake, (that idiosyncratic spelling is a small joke, for those (un)familiar with the text) is an urgent call to preserve the literacy of our little ones in the face of the festering mass of perpetual, torrential information that is […]

The Internet: Bridging the Global Classroom

THE INTERNET: BRIDGING THE GLOBAL CLASSROOM EDible News: Nicholas Catania News Director, FESA 2014/2015 Students have the opportunity to access information more quickly than they ever have before. As children of the 1990s and early 2000s, computers were just beginning to enter households; thus, canonizing the era of dialup Internet. Fast forwarding to the present day, […]